Fischerspooner Live

From 1998 to 2001, I was dancer and choreographer for the avant-garde pop band Fischerspooner. For their first shows I worked with bandleader Casey Spooner and two singers, primarily helping along some gestures and moves they had already created.

I intuitively pulled ideas from Pat Benatar and Janet Jackson videos because it matched the over-the-top energy and humor of the performers. Soon after, Casey asked me to bring in dancers and that was when we began collaborating on the FS movement style that they maintain to this day. We knowingly combined our influences; his inspiration ranged from Michael Jackson to Bernini, from a Costa Rican coastline to a Paris runway. Mine ranged from Duran Duran videos to Pina Bausch to Kundalini Yoga and all things Indian. Together we found inspiration everywhere, even in the pop culture that Real Artists are supposed to disdain. This freedom allowed me to explore a more humorous part of myself that I had never experienced in straight modern dance projects. Having just come off 7 years touring with Mark Morris Dance Group, I was exploring the concept that structure is beautiful. Casey, coming from experimental theatre was exploring everything is beautiful, even the mistakes. So the dances I created for Fischerspooner had a completely distinct flavor, tailored to the style, the look and the attitude of their specific one-of-kind of avant-garde genius. Their catchy synth-pop beat driven music infused my choreography with the angular flair of robots on acid but their Rococo-meets-Mad Max design aesthetic and their fun is a way of life philosophy set the stage for the dances to really shine. It happened to be a perfect fit for their wild cinematic art direction and original dance tracks weaved together strategically by composer Warren Fischer.






The 15th


Natural Disaster




INDEX – February/March 2000 – “Our Friends Electric”-Steve Lafreniere; Photos by Terry Richardson
INTERVIEW – February 2000 – Photo by Martin Schoeller
DAZED & CONFUSED-November 2000 – “Pop will eat itself”; Photos by Juergen Teller
HARPAR’S BAZAAR – December 2000 – “The Exhibitionists”- Adriana Blasko
VANITY FAIR – January 2001 – “The Loving Spoonful”; Photos by Todd Eberle
VENUS – Issue #2 2001 – “Fischerspooner”- Larry Tee; Illustration Scott Ewait
PARKETT – Issue #59 – “Back to the future”-Ali Subotnick
I-D – April 2001 – (w/Chicks on Speed) – “Music for the sake of Art”
DUTCH- Jan/Feb 2001 – “the art of noise”
FLAUNT – April 2001 – “Entertainer Entertained”; Photos by Daniel Hennessy
FLASHART; Photos by Doug Henders
TIME OUT NEW YORK – Feb/March 2000 – “Body Language” by Sean Anton
NEW YORK TIMES – Sunday Styles
VILLAGE VOICE – April 2000 – “Babylon Calling” by Jerry Saltz SPIN – SUMMER 2000 – “living in the 80′s” by Joel Ferree; Photos by Jessica Craig-Martin
ART FORUM – SUMMER 2000 – “Synch Tank” by Meghan Dailey
INDEX – SUMMER 2001 – FS tour diary by Jordana Toback; Photos by Roe Etheridge