Kellie Rogers, Event Designer and Producer

“I’ve worked with Jordana on multiple projects. She is my go-to choreographer for events, hands down.  Whether playing to an audience of 10 or 1000, Jordana brings it. She is efficient with her time, dedicated to a tee, and relentless in the pursuit of her art. 

Jordana understands what a project needs; a strike at the heart and the groins. Nah, she doesn’t go for cheap thrills. Rather, with her extensive knowledge of both mainstream pop and the cultural underbelly, combined with her command of genres through an historical lens, she creates works that resonate with all types of audiences, from the pedestrian to the connoisseur. She is flexible in her artistry, drawing from her endless well of oeuvres that includes fashion, music and fine arts, and adaptable to spaces, sites, demands, and budgets. And can we just mention the dancers? Jordana casts fearless dancers who span the spectrum of beauty and molds them into a vision that is uniquely hers. And they are the better for having worked with her.

She’s also funny as all hell, which transforms what could be a tedious process into a delightful one.

I know when I partner with Jordana, I can expect sexy, edgy, brave, power pieces. What more could you possibly want?”

Peter Occolowitz, Event Producer

“Jordana is not only a beautiful modern dancer. but she is also an innovative and dramatic choreographer. She is capable of creating a diverse range of work that can be sexy and wild, or smooth and elegant. Jordana has a serious precise and focused approach to her creative process while being capable of maintaining collaborative relationship with others.”

Lisa Lyons, Event Director

“Jordana's choreography has a nearly indescribable "rightness" to it, instinctively perceptible to the audience, which reveals the truth of the scene without a shred of cliche or sentiment: a rare gift. 
As a director/choreographer, Ms Toback has an intuitive understanding of her subject, whatever it may be, which adds another dimension to every project she works on: a deep and moving subtext, rich colors. 
Ms. Toback's musicality is rooted not only in her natural gifts, but in years of study, digging deep into many cultures, many styles of movement. These researches inform but do not dominate her work. This is movement as language: beautiful to watch but also revealing of a profound, primal communication.
Her dancers seem to have a ferocious enjoyment of her choreography, which naturally conveys to the audience.”